A recent survey suggests that 70% of Boomers do their initial research into whatever product or service they are interested in online. That doesn't mean that they hang their hat on their online findings, but it is certain that the web is where they start. If you don't at least have an electronic 'shingle' hanging out there, your shop is invisible and they move on. These days it is relatively easy to put up a respectable online presence in no time – it you work with the right people. The Web Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group know how to help you get online fast. You can choose from a variety of templated websites, customized to bear the mark of your shop, and literally be live before the close of business! Then, we can help you tweak the content to bear more specifics about how you work with your clients to solve their financial challenges. It's simple – just call 1.888.958.0055 today and say, "I need a website today!"