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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

It all starts with design

Your firm's presence on the web is increasing in significance every day. A recent study suggests that 70% of Boomers (born between 1948 and 1964) do their initial investigation into any product or service they are interested in via the web. While this doesn't suggest that they end up learning everything about you online, it is certainly where many of them begin. So just having a presence is of paramount importance - if they begin to research anything 'financial' in your area and you don't even maintain a presence, you are invisible to them, and probably already out of the running for their business. But today's tech savvy investors expect much more from your website than just having one - it has to inform them - quickly and easily. Who you are, what you do and how you do it mustbe manifest - and the navigation to get to what they want to know must not be circuitous. Finally, it has to bear the stamp of a true professional - it should stand out as an example of how you stand out from your competition. It should look good, be fresh, have interactive elements that aid in passive learning, and be filled with useful, relevant educational information about your firm and its services. Your online presence is too important to leave to chance - first impressions are often meaningful, one way or the other. The Web Pros at Touch Marketing Group are well-versed in all aspects of web design, administration, hosting and e-marketing to and from the websites of financial professionals. From templated websites that can be up and running the same day, to customizable and fully custom-built solutions, put the considerable skill and experience of Touch Marketing Group to work for your shop today!

Custom-designed Websites

Deciding who will build or rebuild your firm's website is important - there are many web designers out there and the choices seem nearly endless. Your website's structure is important, both functionally and aesthetically, in the minds of your prospective clients. But building a website is more than just knowing how websites are built and how to make them look nice - it is also about understanding the industry in which you work, the wants and needs of people who might be looking for services you offer, and details about the demographics that you seek to serve.

The Web Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group have vast experience in designing and building custom websites for financial professionals around the country. What we bring to the table is a design acumen that is on par with any other web design firm going, but with specific, hands on experience in working with financial professionals to help you get just the right look, feel, navigation, interactivity and functionality to serve the needs of your clients. Beyond that, every time someone goes to your site - they are, in effect, stepping in through your firm's virtual doors. You are making lasting impressions in their minds every time they click to a new page. Are you making the impressions you intend? If you already have a top of the line web presence, then congratulations - but if you don't, what would be the reasoning for that? Let the Web Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group help build a custom solution for your firm that gives your clients and prospective clients alike an online version of who you are that leaves an indelible impression and sets you head and shoulders above your competition.

Templated Solutions

For those agents, registered reps or investment advisors that are either new to the business or new to the online world, a templated solution from the Web Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group might be just the answer to getting started. Ifyou have no online presence at all, then you're missing out on anyone who might be searching for your services now - so any presence is better than invisibility. But beyond that, we understand the business and have worked with hundreds of financial professionals, so our templated solutions bear the mark of that experience. Our financial services website templates already contain much of the most up to date information available in the industry and we have drawn content from many of the custom sites that we've built on the higher end - thereby giving you immediate access to sites that have language, images, educational material and interactivity that was originally designed for highly-successful firms. And the solutions we offer are easy to put into play. You simply choose a template from one of our galleries, fill out a form online that gives us a good start as to information about your firm, arrange payment online, and we can have your site up and hosted within an hour! If you already have a domain name, we can use it - if you don't, we can come up with one for you and make all the necessary arrangements. There simply is no faster, easier way for your firm to begin or improve your presence online than by working with the Web Pros at Touch Marketing Group. Contact us today, and let us help your firm be 'live online' today.

Hosting and Administration

We offer full hosting and administration services for all of our clients. Need to add or change some content? No problem. We can do it seamlessly, behind the scenes. We can even work directly with your Broker Dealer to get content approval. Need a new email address? No sweat. We can have a new account set up for one of your representatives in an hour. Is your site up and running? Ours are. Our 'up' time and reliability of service is the best out there. We keep our clients' sites running and working for them, with fresh content and every update required. Call the Web Pros at Touch Marketing today and ask how we can get you switched over or up and running today.


75 Million Boomers will reach retirement age in the next 2 decades, and with the tremendous opportunities that such a transfer of wealth creates comes the need for a fundamental shift in marketing strategies. Boomers are not at all like their parents, and they get their information and make their decisions in different ways. For example, 75% of all Boomers do their initial research into whatever product or services they are interested in via the web. That doesn't mean they end there, but it is a general 'leaping off' place.

The world is constantly changing, and information has become so readily accessible that we are literally evolving in the ways that we want to be 'marketed' to. Today's email is yesterday's telemarketing call. Today's Twitter or Facebook page is yesterday's social club. Today's Google is yesterday's yellow pages. Marketing is first and foremost strategic thinking about how to get your product or services to 'the market;' recognizing that shifts are constantly occurring in the delivery channels that carry your message is a big part of staying relevant in the minds of your prospective clients.

Most financial professionals find themselves having to understand and react to these shifts in the midst of running a practice - without any real help or expertise. And it's not just a process of shutting down one way of marketing and firing up another. These shifts are happening over time, so you can't just drop some of the more 'traditional' forms of marketing your message in favor of all 'e-marketing' without losing part of your current audience.

In today's marketing environment, you must understand and be able to utilize both in meaningful ways that aren't at cross-purposes with one another and that won't cause you to overspend for your marketing efforts. The Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group are well-versed in both traditional and e-marketing, and can help you develop and solution for your shop that bridges the divide between the orthodoxy and more 'cutting edge' e-marketing strategies; thereby getting your message out to everyone who's in the market for what you do best.


SEO – Okay, so you have a really slick, well-designed website out there. It's loaded up with sweet content, very helpful educational-based marketing material, and substantial differentiators about your shop. Who's going to your site? How are they getting there? How do they know it's there? How many different ways does someone have to possibly 'encounter' your site when they are looking for something similar to what your shop offers? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the science of making sure that your site has maximum visibility to people who are looking for products or services similar to what your shop offers. This is an increasingly complex, yet vital, component of your online marketing efforts – and since so many of your prospective clients do part of their 'homework' online, this is not an area of your marketing that you want to have 'sagging.' The E-Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group have the tech savvy to make sure that everyone looking for what you offer sees you first. We also offer content building that takes into account the types of keyword analysis suggested by the E-marketing Pros. Our 'Total Touch' consultative clients receive this service at no additional cost to them.