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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

TV & Radio

How much time, effort and dollars would you spend to be thought of, in the minds of all your prospective clients, as a bona fide subject matter expert in the field of financial services? Someone who is literally 'head and shoulders' above all competitors within your local market? And what if, on top of being able to garner the reputation as a subject matter expert, you were able to get people to begin to 'like' and 'trust' you in the midst of that media exposure? The answer to these questions is obvious: if you could harness the power of media to be thought of by all your prospective clients as wise, trustworthy and likeable, before you actually ever met with them, you would be a fool not to do it. Television and radio are two powerful media that can do this work for you, and the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group have a considerable breadth and depth of experience in these two specific areas of media. We have helped literally scores of financial professionals forge solid reputations in television and radio – reputations that have led to real growth. Prospects become more comfortable with seeing you before they even see you. Clients begin to think of you as someone who knows more than the other players in town and stay with you longer when they hear 'their advisor' educating the masses of financial concepts. Clients also find it more comfortable to refer you to their friends, as there is already 'objective' evidence out there concerning your expertise on all things financial. Even collateral professionals begin to express interest in forging networking opportunities, as they know how powerful the reputation of expertise can be. There is simply no better investment you can make in your firm than to garner the market-wide reputation, over time, as a true subject matter expert in your field. And there is simply no more effective or powerful way to achieve this than through leveraging of television and radio.

It has been our experience that the vast majority of financial professionals have a rather ignorant view of television, and to a smaller extent radio – that both are perceived as too expensive and too complex of media to engage at a local level. Neither is true, but let's just play the game for a moment and pretend that perceived cost and complexity are legitimate factors. Do you drive a car? Does it cost much? Is it a complicated piece of machinery, or do you understand all of the inner workings of how your car actually gets you from A to B? Would you consider giving it up because it is expensive and complex? Of course not. As far as the cost of your car is concerned, you may actually rationalize (correctly so, in our opinion) part of that cost as being necessary to convey a sense of success to your prospects and clients. And as for the complexity is concerned, you know that if your car broke down, you would just hand it over to someone who knows what to do – you wouldn't even give it a second thought. It's the price of doing business – and it's well worth the price. The Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group have a considerable experience base to draw from in working in these powerful media, and we have a vested interest in gaining for our clients maximum leverage at the lowest possible cost. To be sure, there are many details in correctly setting a firm up to harness the power of television or radio – and we all know that the devil is in the details. The Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group know all the inner workings of the media business: from market media research, or ad rate and contract negotiations, to creative services, to production and post production assistance, to media placement, tracking and reporting, we have our clients covered in ways that other 'marketing organizations' can never achieve. This is because our talents have nothing to do with pushing a product line – our considerable skill set is derived explicitly upon years of combined media and marketing experience. The talent pool that our clients can draw upon has worked with literally hundreds of financial professionals in harnessing the power of television and radio to forge real, sustainable growth for their shops. We love what we do, we are very good at it, and our clients receive the benefits of both. You are every bit as good as your competition – in fact, just in virtue of the fact that you are searching for new solutions on this website lends strong evidence that you are better than your competition. There is absolutely no reason why you and the others at your shop should not earn and claim the bona fide reputation as true financial subject matter experts – and the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group can get that specific job done for you better than anyone else in the industry. Put the combined power of our knowledge and expertise of media and financial services to work for you today – just call 888.958.0055 and say, "I wanna talk TV and Radio."