Experience The Difference

Some organizations offer 'marketing' help in return for you selling the products they represent. For many, that can be troubling, as most financial professionals need to be able to offer a wide variety of solutions based upon the objectives of their clients, not based upon what business they 'owe' in return for help they receive. Other marketing companies tout proven 'systems' and suggest that if you 'do it just like we say,' you'll be successful. The problem is that many people do, and fail anyway. Most of the 'systems' they offer are 'one size fits all,' and fail to take into consideration the unique characteristics of your shop, your local media opportunities and your market itself – the people who live where you live. Touch Marketing Group offers a different kind of help. We offer our clients comprehensive marketing planning and execution that is based upon looking closely at the unique characteristics of your market, your budget, the current state of your ongoing marketing efforts and the growth goals you are looking to achieve. The pros at Touch Marketing Group have a combined wealth of experience in media, design and traditional marketing strategies that are specific to the financial services industry – as well as new media and e-marketing.

We focus on growing our clients' books externally through superior marketing strategies and execution, and internally through precision-crafted client relationship management structures. We take a truly consultative approach to solving our clients' most pressing marketing challenges, and our collective experience base allows us to tap into the successes and learn from the failures of hundreds of top shops around the country. We are not interested in being a big marketing firm – we are interested in having a solid, meaningful, mutually-beneficial relationship with each client we take on and helping each of our clients to grow their shops' revenues in solid, sustainable ways. If, after you've looked around our site, you'd like to talk to one of our marketing specialists about whether we are a good fit for your shop, give us a call at 1.888.958.0055 and say, "I wanna talk about the Difference."