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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

Pro Tips

At Touch Marketing Group, we take a consultative approach to solving your most pressing marketing problems, and any shop that doesn't, in a moment of clarity, claim shortcomings in this area probably has misconceptions about how marketing can help a firm really grow. In short, we take the overwhelming burden of funneling down the options and tending to the details of marketing off your firm's back – and there are a lot of details.

Properly leveraging every marketing opportunity and intelligently spending your firm's marketing dollars on a well-designed comprehensive marketing plan is often one of the main differences between the most successful shops and those who desire to get there but just can't seem to quite put it all together. The devil is always in the details. And while there are tons of ideas floating around out there, how do you put them together in a meaningful way – in a way that makes sense given the direction, growth goals and resources of your shop?

On this page we've listed out a few of the 'Pro Tips' we keep in mind when we forge and implement marketing plans for our clients. We make no blanket claims that these tips will work for you – we take much more of a custom approach than that. It is our belief that there are no 'cookie cutter' solutions – every shop is different. We believe it is therefore shortsighted to call any such advice effective or professional, and yet many organizations continue to give really bad and irresponsible advice on how you should spend your marketing dollars, and perhaps even more importantly, your time.

The short list below speaks more to our general outlook on the topics of marketing and relationship building than to specific advice that we would give your shop before getting to know it. To find out more about how we can work with your shop, give us a call at 888.958.0055 today.