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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals


Prospecting is one of the most widely used forms of marketing within the financial services industry, and yet remains one of the most misunderstood. In the abstract, prospecting is the act of spending some money to get some 'leads.' These 'leads' are then converted into 'appointments' - either by you, by someone in your firm or by a vendor. In theory, as long as you keep spending money, the prospecting 'faucet' will stay on.

There are many different types of prospecting, ranging from the high-touch and highly effective 'seminar' or 'workshop' approach, all the way over to the low-touch and spotty direct mail approach. Beyond this, there are even many forms of straight lead purchases, where your firm ostensibly buys 'leads' or 'names'. In addition, there are prospecting programs out there where the vendor actually sets the appointment for you - in theory, all you have to do is show up and do what you do best.

There are several factors, though, in determining which forms of prospecting are the most appropriate for your shop, given the rest of what you are trying to get accomplished. Many financial professionals make the mistake of doing what we call 'vacuum' prospecting; that is, choosing your prospecting methods in a vacuum, without reflecting upon its role or overall effectiveness when paired with other components of a well-structured marketing plan. It's not enough to say, "I'm going to do some prospecting!" Your time is very valuable, and should generally be spent with clients, both in appointments and in a variety of well thought-out social interactions.

The prospecting methods that you choose should be analyzed in terms of how they work with your available human resources, your overall marketing budget, from a time management standpoint and how effectively a given method can interplay with the rest of your comprehensive marketing plan. The Prospecting Pros at Touch Marketing Group have spent countless hours both in the development of prospecting programs and working with scores of vendors to select just the right fit for financial professionals from coast to coast.

We have thoroughly researched dozens of mainline prospecting programs and have developed partnerships with some of the most effective vendors in the country to shore up that aspect of our clients' game. So call the Prospecting Pros at Touch Marketing Group today and let us find the right fit for your shop.


Lead programs

The prospecting pros at Touch Marketing Group can help you to strip away all the hype, the claims, and the salesmanship to put your firm into the right lead programs - forging a better, more efficient fit with the balance of your marketing efforts.

Seminar Systems

We work with many of the most effective mail houses to insure that your events are full, and we help our clients implement a step by step process that begins several weeks before the event and follows through until every possible prospect is harvested and given an appointment to come to you.

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Drip SyStems

The pros at Touch Marketing Group know how to develop drip marketing campaigns to maximize the outcomes of your other marketing strategies - both toward your prospective clients and those who have already chosen your shop.