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Print Services

The coordination of Print Services can be a tricky animal – there are so many print shops out there, and assessing the quality and customer service of each (hopefully, prior to getting burnt) is vital. The pricing structure for each shop varies widely, and the actual paper and print quality are abstract concepts to determine for those who have no experience in this area. Sadly, many shops attempt to tackle this task on their own, not understanding how many variables there are and how each can negatively impact the final product until it is too late and they are sitting on cases of expensive print material of a quality that is far less than they had hoped for. The Print Pros at Touch Marketing Group have a great deal of experience in dealing with print vendors of all types – direct mail, DVD packaging, portfolio, stationery, business cards, prestige marketing pieces, big print, etc., and know all the questions to ask – as well as what the answers mean – to secure for our clients the very best in professional print services at the lowest possible prices. Remember, one of our main jobs is to make best use of our clients' marketing dollars, and we take that job very seriously. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and working relationships with some of the most reputable print shops in the country, and we are also able to help our clients with local vendors of their choice by shepherding projects, getting price reductions because of our industry knowledge and providing follow-up for time-sensitive projects.

Over the years, we have seen shops needlessly spend more and get less, just because they try to do all of the print vendor coordination themselves. Once your shop's print pieces come, especially those prestige pieces that you will be using over and over again to cement your brand, you don't want to be less than fully satisfied with the work. Each piece directly reflects upon your firm: you want each print piece to not only send the right message in the right way, but you want the look and feel of each piece to bear the quality of your firm's brand every time your clients and prospects look at them, read them or simply touch them. And from a cost standpoint, it is not strictly a 'you get what you pay for' environment. Some print vendors overcharge for subpar work and others do great work and you wonder how they even make a living at it, their prices are so low. You don't want to find out the hard way, however, whether the vendor you have picked will do the job for you, right, the first time, and on time. We ask the right questions, do our competitive research and do the right follow up to ensure that our clients not only get the 'best bang for the buck,' but also that all their print pieces are of the highest quality available and the quality is appropriate to the given marketing job of the piece. Rather than bog your firm's resources down in a process that ends in spinning an elaborate roulette wheel, trust the research and coordination of all your print jobs to the Print Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group. Call us today at 888.985.0055.

Print Jobs we coordinate for our clients:

• Seminar Invites
• Lead mailers
• Stationery
• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Prestige Marketing Pieces
• DVD cover art and packaging
• Business forms
• White papers
• Educational Marketing Pieces
• Big Print (expo signage, storefront, event marketing, etc.)
• Promotional Items