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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals


The old saying goes 'Sales keeps you in business, and marketing keeps you in sales.' But it is a thorough-going understanding of the media - specifically the locally available media within your firm's market space, that allows for solid, profitable marketing to take place. And since local media 'sales people' only know how to sell you 'their' media options, rather than how to meaningfully integrate several different media together to send a consistent, effective, practice-growing series of messages to your community, most shops are left with marketing plansand efforts that do not efficiently leverage all available media.There is no substitute for knowledge and experience in this arena –and our experience is that this is at least one main area where most shops fall down. A comprehensive understanding of how each media works, its strengths and weaknesses, its costs (and how to properly negotiate them), and how to forge meaningful combinations of multiple media to do your shop's marketing work is at the core of what Touch Marketing Group does. Our team of media professionals has years of experience in helping some of the best shops in the country leverage every local media opportunity to build and grow their shops. From practical experience in each type of media, to an understanding of how to combine and execute campaigns across multiple media, to designing and executing comprehensive marketing plans for our clients, this is where the Touch Marketing Group advantage clearly manifests itself. Many 'marketing organizations' offer a pallet of services,but most of them are designed to profit their company, whether yours grows or not. Our main function is in harnessing the power of media to help your shop achieve its growth goals – if you don't grow, then we're not doing our job well. We are not in the business of selling 'marketing systems,' we are in the business of leveraging every media opportunity to help your shop grow – in short, we help our clients leverage the power of media to dominate their local markets. Call us today to set up a no-obligation consultation to find out how the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group can help you.


Media research ultimately means thoroughly canvassing a market for all available opportunities. For example, a shop might desire to start up a radio show. Ok, good. Now, are there any available 'slots' on any local radio stations? Who is the main competition? What do the slots cost? What are the ratings of each station that has openings? What promotional packages does each station offer? To what extent is there 'wiggle room' in negotiating a price for services? This is just one example that is designed to underscore the need for a thorough approach to media research BEFORE your shop makes any decisions to integrate a particular media into their marketing efforts. The Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group have been doing media research for top shops around the country for years. There simply isn't a form of media that we don't have extensive experience in researching for our clients. The benefit to them is that they are armed with the very best intelligence available to help them make a decision on whether or not to integrate a particular media into their approach. From availability, to ratings, to ad rate negotiations, to coverage maps and value adds, the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group ensure that our clients have the best information available to most efficiently leverage all media opportunities.

Content Building

There is no more frustrating aspect to marketing than sending the wrong message to the right audience. Choosing the right media and placement is important, but none of that will ultimately matter if your content is poor. Building suitable, media-specific content that sends powerful messages about your firm's ability to help people achieve their goals is as important a job as there is in executing your marketing plan. This may be words – it may be images, it may be audio or even multimedia, or it may be a combination of all of them. Getting the right content built to express your firm's messages is vital – and having a design staff that is well-versed in building media-specific content is crucial to that effort. The Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group have a wide variety of design experience – from the written word, to imaging and web design to video, audio and multimedia presentations, we have been building solid, attractive, meaningful content for successful shops around the country for years. The language, images, sights and sounds must be unique to your shop – setting yourselves apart from all others in your market space. The devil is definitely in the details – you don't want to sound like any other financial services firm: you want to set yourselves apart in all ways possible. Let the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group help you cut through the clatter of the other shops in your market, building meaningful content for your shop that will get and keep the attention of your prospects and clients alike.

Ad Rate/Contract Negotiations

Frequently, ignorance about the costs associated with using a particular form of media is what keeps a shop from utilizing that media. What an unfortunate situation: not using a tool that is specifically designed to attract business just because you don't know all the details about how to use the tool. And yet, it is natural that a shop would be reticent to get financially involved in a media that they know very little about. There is no question that there are pitfalls associated with doing advertising, not the least of which is overpaying for a particular media. Our clients never overpay – in fact, one of the unique strengths of Touch marketing Group is in efficiently leveraging every marketing dollar for our clients. We have seasoned media buyers on staff – professionals who have negotiated ad rates and value adds for top shops nationwide. This is one area where real cost savings can be realized, and where there is no suitable substitute for experience. From comparing competitors' rates, to assessing inventory against price, to negotiating every possible value add into the contract for our clients, the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group take seriously every dollar our clients spend and are armed with a thorough-going knowledge of the industry they serve. The net result to our clients is cost savings on the front end, and effective growth through comprehensive marketing planning and execution on the back end. Call us and find out how we can help you in this complex and important area today.

Media Producing

There are lots of costs associated with the producing of certain media. Television, for instance, has productions costs associated with shooting, editing, sound mixing, graphics, talent and formatting. These costs can easily mount, driving up the overall cost of the particular media engaged in. The shops that work with the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group don't have this problem, as we offer full-service, in-house video, audio and multimedia production. We have people on staff with years of experience in video and audio recording, editing, graphics editing and special effects design and generation. The net advantage to our clients is that they can engage in more high-end media, without being saddled with the high costs of that engagement. Additionally, our clients receive the benefit of working with people in the electronic media arts who have specific experience in the financial services industry. Many traditional production companies or advertising agencies might do their best to help, but they have to spend a great deal of their time trying to just learn the basics of what messages your firm is trying to send and how they relate to your attraction of prospective clients. Our clients don't have to endure the frustration of trying to translate what their firms are trying to accomplish, We have proven industry experience and can hit the ground running to produce the very highest quality projects in the industry – building messages that help each one of our shops build a dominant presence in their local markets. Let us show you how can help your shop in this vital, high-end arena.

Web Multimedia

It is one thing to commission the building of your website – it is quite another to keep your site alive and brimming with fresh, relevant content. One of the main jobs of your website is the active conveyance of how your shop solves your clients' challenges and how your shop's unique approach makes you a better choice than your competitors. In the financial services industry, your company's website should offer an ongoing vein of educational materials that cover the range of solutions that your firm provides. Developing and managing that content is a job unto itself, and it is a misuse of your staff's time to engage in administration and web content development on an ongoing basis. That's where we come in – from developing multimedia educational pieces for your site, to uploading informative brochures and whitepapers, to developing interactive email campaigns that fire off from your site, the Web Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group can stay on top of your site's ongoing design needs, freeing your staff up to do what they do best – helping people with their money. And what's best, as part of our comprehensive marketing consultation services, this ongoing content management and creation is included at no additional cost to our clients. Call us today to find out how to take full advantage of what the Web Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group can do to keep your site's content fresh, interactive and engaging!