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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

Marketing Planning

There's a great gulf between merely doing marketing activity and having a sound marketing plan. The former is knee-jerk and reactionary, but doing sound marketing planning lays the foundation for future growth and success. The unfortunate reality is that most marketing doesn't work. It doesn't produce the desired results. Why? Perhaps the biggest reason is that people tend to focus on activities rather than on working from a well designed marketing plan. Here's an example. If you ask most advisors what they're doing to get more new clients, you might hear:

'We're updating our website'
'We're doing social media'
'We're doing some direct mail'

Okay – so you're updating your website – but how are you driving traffic to it? What are the calls to action once people are there? What do you want people to do? (Calling you for a 'free' consultation is too big of a request for someone coming to your site for the first time – you need to make an offer that's attractive and easy for them to say 'yes' to.) How is your website interplaying with your other marketing efforts? How can you use each marketing effort you engage in to enhance the efforts of all the others?

Similar parallels can be drawn in social media, direct mail – and almost any marketing effort out there. At touch Marketing Group, we help our clients stop focusing on mere marketing activity and work with them to build sound marketing plans and help them with ongoing implementation. Our clients have spent their careers becoming expert at what they do – helping people manage the financial aspects of their lives to get the most out of life! They can't be expected to be experts at marketing – that in itself takes experience and understanding that most of our clients don't have to the time, interest or resources to achieve. Our clients know that they need help to put a comprehensive marketing plan in place – and knowing that they can tap into the wealth of experience and resources available through Touch Marketing Group gives them a real edge over their local competition. To find out how Touch Marketing Group can help your firm build a marketing plan that suits your firm's resources and growth goals, call one of our marketing consultants today.