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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

Logo Design

The identity or 'image' of a company is made up of many visual devices:

• A Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand)
• Stationery (Letterhead + business card + envelopes, etc.)
• Marketing Collateral (Flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc.)
• Apparel Design (Tangible clothing items that are worn by employees)
• Signage (Interior & exterior design)
• Messages & Actions (Messages conveyed via indirect or direct modes
  of communication)
• Other Communication (Audio, smell, touch, etc.)
• Anything visual that represents the business

A company's logo forms the initial foundation for all of the visual devices that make up a company's 'image,' or branding efforts, for the life of the business entity. We've had many lively discussions with financial professionals over the years as to the importance of Logo Design in crafting an overall brand. A company's 'brand' is the collection of perceptions that your customer has about your business. Note that the brand lives in your customer's mind — and the ideas that they have about your business. This doesn't mean that the brand is out of your control. You can control your customer's idea of your brand by defining your brand and designing eye-catching, stand-out graphics to communicate that message. Then, use those graphics consistently throughout your marketing materials. That's all there is to helping your clients get the right idea about your brand. And this process starts with Logo Design.

Grab the slider below and move left or right to see logos before and after created by Touch Marketing Group.

While a bad logo design will not make or break a company's ability to grow and create for itself mindshare amongst its prospective clients, good logo design and the subsequent design of consistent collateral marketing materials can go a long way toward cementing your brand in the minds of certain demographics within your local market. There is no question that we have seen, on the one hand, firms that have overcome unfortunate logo designs and subsequent poorly constructed marketing pieces to become great companies, but why should you have to overcome a foundational element of your business that is supposed to be designed to help you? The Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group have been building great designs for our clients for years, putting together branding campaigns that leverage the original design to create unmistakable looks and feels to their firms. Our Designers are not only highly creative, professional and fun to work with, but they have experience working specifically in the financial services industry, which gives them a bit more sophistication in terms of having an eye or mind for what might work and what to stay away from.

The Designers at Touch Marketing Group take a consultative approach to their work, getting to know what your firm is about, what you are trying to achieve and how you work with your clients before any work begins. And above all, our Designers use carefully defined parameters to forge a memorable design for your firm – embracing the key concepts of Logo Design rather than leaning on an arbitrary aesthetic. In short, our designers maintain that all good logo designs are: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile & appropriate. Call us today and let's talk about how to begin crafting a memorable brand for your firm through creative Logo Design.