Lead programs


Not everyone prefers to get in front of a group of people or be on the radio. Some financial professionals work best in a 'one on one,' 'face to face' setting. These are the individuals who tend to do very well with the 1ON1 Program. This type of campaign is a very low key, yet high touch approach to getting familiar with your prospective clients. The 1ON1 program generates one-on-one, face to face dinner appointments with prospects who won't respond to a traditional dinner event or direct mail solicitation. The appointments are purely preset, and the prospects are all prequalified, which means that you don't have to do any of that uncomfortable talk on your first meeting with them.

Some interesting statistics and particulars about this unique campaign include:

• On average, between 15-30 pre-set appointments are generated from a 7,500 piece campaign
• Affluent prospects are motivated to respond because of the reinforcement of the difference between a "dinner meeting"
  and a "group event."
• All prospects are pre-qualified before any face-to-face interaction
• The financial professional has complete control over the pre-qualifiying attributes
• All inbound calls are handled by a dedicated, 24/7 call center
• All pre-qualification calls are recorded
• The call center representatives are specially trained for this program
• The meeting rate approaches 95%
• The program boasts a 60% prospect to client conversion rate
• There is no other program like it – the approach is unique
• There are no presentation tools required; no power points, laptops or flip charts.
• It is proven to attract and secure more affluent prospects (250k-1M investible assets)
• Have been tested and proven to work in both small and larger markets

In essence, all you do is pay for the program, decide upon your prequalification attributes, let us know what your scheduling availability is, and then show up for your dinner appointments. You will receive notification for each appointment and no appointments will be scheduled outside of times that you are comfortable with. Several shops that we've worked with on this program even like the flexibility of being able to leverage their spouses on that first meeting to establish a more social rapport with prospective clients. Whether you are looking for a mainstay prospecting program or merely a way to supplement what you already have in place to keep your calendar full, the 1ON1 program could be a smart choice for your firm. To find out more about this exciting program, call the Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group today – 1.888.958.0055.


Sometimes it's difficult to calendar and coordinate all of your prospecting efforts because the 'start up' times vary from program to program. Seminars, for instance, take 6 weeks to materialize, and a lead mailer may take up to a month to yield a steady flow of prospects. Good planning can overcome this challenge, but what if all of a sudden you looked at your calendar and realized that you have holes to fill this week? Most prospecting systems aren't designed to get started up and deliver results that quickly. Because of this, your most valuable resource – your time – can go sorely underutilized. The Prospects Tomorrow system was designed specifically to take advantage of some of the more fast-moving aspects of traditional media. Once we help you get this program set up, you can literally turn it on one day and have prospects the next. And just as important is how easy it is to turn off the flow of incoming leads - if you can't work the leads when they're warm, then you're throwing marketing dollars away. The Prospects Tomorrow system makes lead generation as easy as turning water faucet on and off. To find out more about whether this prospecting system would work for your shop, call the Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group today – 1.888.958.0055.


As part of a well-planned, comprehensive marketing plan, lead mailers can play an important role in 'filling in the gaps' of a Rep's appointment schedule. In general, lead mailers tend to be low cost, but low efficiency programs. The key to maximizing their effectiveness is in getting the demographics targeting correctly aligned with the mailer's message. The Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing group have developed, in conjunction with our marketing partners, several lead mailer programs that do just that – get the message aligned with the audience so that the results will be there. We take maximizing your marketing dollars seriously, so we partner with only the best mail houses – those that offer our clients the cleanest, most updated lists and the best bang for the buck from a printing and postage perspective. For more information about our lineup of low-cost, supplemental lead mailing opportunities, give the Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group a call today – 888.958.0055.