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When you work with Touch Marketing Group, every aspect of your marketing, from prospecting to image branding to client relationship management to social & professional networking gets the attention to detail that you need to grow your practice the right way. We build marketing plans that fit the needs, budgets and objectives of our clients, and we leverage every available resource to bring new clients to your firm, keep and grow your current clients through relationship-deepening activity, and garner high-trust referrals from your best clients. The devil is in the details - every 'touch' matters. That's why, at Touch Marketing Group, we pay attention to every touch. We also make available a menu of effective modular components for those who need help, but are not yet ready for a comprehensive marketing analysis and custom-designed annual marketing plan.. We think you'll find some marketing piece, tool or bit of advice that can help you grow through SMART marketing. So take some time and 'stroll the aisles' of our site – if there is something you see that you are interested in exploring further, simply fill out the 'contact' form or just call us at 888.958.0055. One of our marketing consultants will be more than happy to assist you further.