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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Touch Marketing Group different from a marketing organization? A: Most 'marketing organizations' (FMO's, IMO's, NMO's) make their money by receiving an 'override,' or a piece of the action, every time you sell a particular product, so obviously they have a vested interest in you selling certain types of products. Their 'help' is tied to you selling these products, so if your business model is not particularly conducive to selling their product lines (generally insurance products/annuities), you won't receive much help from them. In addition, much of their 'help' or skill set is built around the product lines and helping you sell them, not built around general marketing and design talents that will help your firm grow, regardless of what your product mix is. At Touch Marketing Group, we have no interest in influencing your firm to sell a particular product. Our only interest is in building, implementing and executing marketing plans for our clients that are specifically tailored to provide growth through better marketing.

Q: How do I find out if Touch Marketing Group is right for me?
A: Go through the site, then send us an email. In that email, tell us what you can about your firm and what strikes you, based upon looking though our site, where you think you need the most help. The truth is that Touch Marketing Group is not for every shop. Only those shops that are committed to growing their shops with the very best in marketing help available end up being a 'good fit'. From giving your shop a prospecting edge to forging deeper relationships with your current clients, Touch Marketing Group has a single focus – growing your shop through superior marketing planning.

Q: What does 'consultative services' mean?
A: It means that you have unfettered access, every day, to marketing specialists in every aspect of your marketing. From web to vendor contact to graphic design to copywriting to just getting some advice, a Touch Marketing Group consultant is assigned to every detail of your shop's marketing efforts.

Q: What if I don't want to work with touch as a consultation client but I still want some help?
A: That’s cool. Send us an email and tell us what kind of help you are interested in. We’ll have just the right person get back with you to see if we can help you in the way(s) you need.

Q: Can I buy the stuff on your site?
A: Some of the materials on our site are for sale, but ALL of the materials on our site (plus huge Libraries off the site) are available to our consultative clients. We sell seminar systems, prospecting systems, websites, hosting and administration services, brochures and other collateral marketing materials. We also offer help with print services and DVD replication. Call us at 888.958.0055 to talk through what you're interested in.

Q: Can I get a 'soup to nuts' seminar system from touch? What are the costs?
A: Yes - our seminar systems are amongst the best in the industry, and our processes are second to none. We sell the actual presentation (customized to our clients' needs), all support pieces, the step by step process and we provide all vendor coordination and implementation help at no additional cost. Call us to see if our seminar systems can be a part of your overall marketing solution.

Q: Can you make me a website? How do I get started?
A: We make the best, cleanest, most functional websites in the industry. Click here to see a few. To get started, just click the 'Request More Info' button and tell us you want more info on websites. We will have just the right specialist get back in touch with you.

Q: I already have a website, but I don't like it very much – can you help me make it better?
A: Our web designers work on a number of different design platforms and are well versed at making suggestions to improve an existing website's look, functionality and performance. Click the 'Request more info' button and type in 'help with my old website. The appropriate specialist will get back in touch with you.

Q: Do you host and administrate websites for financial professionals?
A: Yes. There are obviously some restrictions, as some broker/dealers are picky about who can host you, and some actually have all administration changes go through their internal compliance procedure. We host websites for nearly all of our consultative clients, as well as many others who simply want help in the arena of web marketing. If you are interested in web hosting/administration of your current site (or one that we design for you), just click the 'Request More Info' button and type in 'hosting/administration'

Q: I'm totally frustrated with marketing. How can I just get Touch Marketing Group to take over my marketing efforts?
A: If you're asking this question, then you are probably a good candidate for our 'Total Touch' comprehensive consultation program. Click here to go to the consultation page, read about the program, then click the 'more info' button and one of our marketing consultants will get back with you in short order.

Q: How can I get you to make me a logo? Business cards? Stationery?
A: Just click the 'Request More Info' button or call and say, "I need a logo, biz cards and stationery." Our designers are highly creative, hard working and fast.

Q: Can I have collateral marketing pieces (brochures, presentation folders,etc.) made by touch marketing?
A: Sure. We do it all the time. Just call or click the 'Request More Info button.' We'll get in touch with you and find out what your needs and vision is, and then we'll establish a 'by-when' and get to work!

Q: I need to have some stuff printed, but I don't really know what I'm doing – can you just make all the print shop arrangements for me?
A: We have a tight network of several reliable, high quality print shops. We can make arrangements for any of your collateral marketing to be printed TODAY! Just click the 'Request More Info' button or call us and say, "Help! I need print work done!"

Q: How do your prospecting programs work and how can I get into them now?
A: We have several prospecting options internal to Touch Marketing Group – to find out about these, you can click here. We also work with a host of vendor partners to get just the right program in place for our clients – as every shop is different and has someone different needs and goals. Just give us a call and say, "I wanna talk prospecting."

Q: I need image branding help now – can you help me? How?
A: All other things being equal, the shop with the most recognizable brand and dominant presence will win. Image Branding help is one of our strongest suits. Just call our creative marketing team and say, "Help! Image branding emergency!"

Q: You're way over there and I'm way over here – how are you going to help me research local advertising opportunities?
A: Our media research staff is second to none – we have years of experience researching nearly every market in America. We know who to call, where to look, what questions to ask, and what arms to twist to get you the very best intel on local media availability and the best deals on media buys. Call us – we'll prove ourselves.

Q: How can you help me get into TV or Radio?
A: We have on staff two multiple award-winning television & radio producers (click here to see the awards) – both of whom have tons of experience in all aspects of tv – from research, to ‘the deal,’ to creative, production and placement. We have placed scores of top producers in both content radio shows & tv, from shows to stock reports on local news to financial infomercials. It’s the strongest place to be for the right shop. There’s no one in the industry that can do more for your shop in this arena. Period. Give us a call.

Q: What about professional photography – can you help me find someone who can take good head shots of the people in my firm?
A: Good photography is of premium importance, especially in personalizing your collateral marketing. We value the importance, here – so we search high and low to get our clients the very best local and regional photography available.

Q: How can you help me with my broker/dealer compliance issues?
A: We work very closely with a number of b/d compliance officers, so we understand how to get you very 'compliance friendly' language out of the gate. We offer our Total Touch clients compliance assistance at no additional cost to them.