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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

DVD Replication

Were you aware that you can take a video message, put it on a DVD, produce high quality artwork for both the DVD and its jacket, shrink wrap it, label it, and mail it to someone for around 1.50? Yes. One dollar and fifty cents. It's true. And multimedia is perhaps one of the most versatile media available - this is due in part to both its flexibility of purpose and its ease in transmitting a message. An audio/video message can be used in a host of different ways: to kick off a seminar presentation with a video about your firm, to play educational messages in your film's lobby, to mail to targeted prospects in DVD format, as interactive and educational enhancements to your firm's website, and to enhance your firm's presence at an expo event are just a few of multimedia's possible uses. And because people generally prefer to take in initial information in a passive manner, multimedia is a great way to make abstract concepts more concrete in the minds of your prospective clients. Therefore, having punchy explanations of many of your firm's services and educational pieces in DVD format offers you the flexibility to get your messages into the homes of your interested prospects in a format that you can reasonably assume that they will digest.

Many of our clients use DVD media in a variety of ways, and we help them utilize this flexible media, not only in terms of content creation, production and artwork, but we also actually shepherd the replication process as well. Like print vendors, it's not necessarily the case that 'you get what you pay for' - the quality and price points of DVD replication can vary widely, and trying to tackle that job without being armed with the experience and ability to ask the right questions can result in minor disaster. The Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group work with some of the most reputable replication houses in the industry, and we're constantly on the lookout for a better quality product at a better price for our clients. So don't avoid the versatile media of DVD because you don't know how to engage it – embrace its flexibility and leave the details to the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group. Call us today to see how we can help you leverage this powerful media. [READ MORE]

Corporate Video Production

There is no more powerful or impactful way for you to make a vivid and lasting impression on your prospective clients than by showing them a high-end overview video of your shop's services. High end video differentiates your shop for nearly any other competitors, and when the production values are high, it can put any independent shop in a 'national' light. Video Production and DVD marketing have both become much more reasonably-priced marketing options in recent years, and when paired with the high-end creative producers at your disposal through Touch Marketing Group, harnessing the power of this impressive media becomes a no-brainer. The network of Video Producers that you can access through Touch Marketing Group have worked with scores of top shops around the country, providing nigh-end, yet 'no-nonsense' multimedia solutions that have helped our clients stand out in a crowd inside their local markets. Our award-winning roster of Producers have garnered accolades not only inside of financial services, but also within the advertising industry at large. Finally – affordable, high-end video production that allows our clients to 'wow' their high-end prospects that expect more from you. Don't waste a golden opportunity to make a vivid and lasting impression on your next batch of prospective clients – call 1.888.958.0055 today and say, "I want a high-end corporate video produced for my shop!"