Drip Systems

Many producers burn through leads and do little to nothing with those who they didn't get in from of, one on one. We think that this is a mistake. Case in point: Let's say that you give a workshop, and Dan, a 52 year old security specialist is in the audience. He is not quite ready to 'act,' and even if he was, he is more than a little averse to what he perceives as 'high pressure' sales tactics. But he thinks that your presentation was great, and you built up some real credibility in his mind - you earned 'mindshare.' So what does he do, after seeing your enlightening workshop? He walks out without scheduling an appointment. And he thinks you're great. So what now?

Many would take his walking out as a sign that he's not interested. But he WAS interested - just not ready, either financially or socially. But what if, rather than just misreading and discounting his mindset, your firm were to continue to educate Dan in the form of drip emails, newsletters or even dropping him a white paper from time to time? At some point, Dan WILL be ready to do something, and when he is, where will you be in his mindscape? Will another shop, that isn't nearly as good as yours, gain preeminence because he's heard from them more recently?

The pros at Touch Marketing Group know how to develop drip marketing campaigns to maximize the outcomes of your other marketing strategies - both toward your prospective clients and those who have already chosen your shop. Your firm should always be 'dripping' on those who you have in your database, and the campaigns should be structured to take into account the type of relationship you currently have with each person - taking that relationship ever deeper as time marches on. Call the pros at Touch Marketing Group to find out what we can do to help your shop maximize every effort you put out - toward both your clients and those who will become your clients.