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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals


Design is important - from print to web to multimedia to event and strategic design, the devil is in the details - and every 'touch' matters. But mere creativity or artistic flair without a thorough-going understanding of the industry being served often misses the mark.

When it comes to needing effective, industry-specific design, why spend valuable time trying to get designers from multiple media to understand what it is that you do for people? Turn to the Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group. We have a depth of combined experience that allows us to be able to quickly analyze the relevant aspects what makes your shop different and how to make your firm stand out in the minds of your potential clients. It is an effort that you can't afford to get wrong - the end result is either that no one will hear about you or what they see and hear about you won't have the high-end, professional edge that you need in our industry.

Every impression that your firm makes in the minds of your potential clients either draws them closer to you or drives them further away. The look, feel, and messages that your firm projects about who you are, what you do for people and what sets you apart from your competition are perhaps some of the most important decisions that you will make in terms of providing the appropriate platform for growth. The design-savvy experts at Touch Marketing Group know your industry, they have years of experience in advertising and design capacities, and have helped hundreds of registered reps, insurance agents and RIA shops develop effective design strategies for everything from logos to prestige marketing materials to office environments to comprehensive marketing plans. Let the Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group put their collective design savvy to work for you.

Branding your Business Documents

It is important to brand all your business documents in a consistent manner, because branding is the foundation for top-of mind-awareness. It's the thing that allows customers to remember you despite their daily exposure to thousands of competing marketing messages. It is a hallmark of a serious business to consistently brand all communications with your clients – failure to have all business documents bear the look and message of your firm says "We're in business, but most of our forms are generic and they are the same ones that many other firms use." The Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group are skilled at both working in consultation with you to develop all relevant business forms and branding them to your firm in a consistent, professional manner. From the standard business card, letterhead and envelopes tothe more specialized asset gathering and consultation forms used by your firm, let the Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group help your shop to bear the mark of a truly professional organization in the eyes of your clients.

Building your brand through collateral marketing

Some of your shop's print pieces will be amongst the most influential 'touches' you ever have with a prospective client. That is because often times, your print pieces are amongst the earliest impressions your prospective clients get of you and your firm. While a business card generally is not a deal maker or breaker, think about how someone's card makes you feel when it's handed to you. The look of it, the feel of it, the weight of the paper, the emblem or logo, the color scheme - all leave an impression in the minds of your prospective clients. Similarly, all of your print pieces make impressions, one way or the other, about your business - from stationery to tri-fold brochures to prestige pieces to print ads - you should ensure that you leave the most lasting, high-end impression possible.

The right design will leave an indelible mark in the minds of your future clients, beginning the work of putting your firm head and shoulders above all local competition, while design that leaves something to be desired will also form lasting impressions - just not the ones you desire. The smart money, here, is on taking the time and money to do things right. Remember, every 'touch' matters, and the Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group will make your print touches count.

Web Design

Web design is an important aspect of your firm's online visibility. It is the 'virtual' office design, customer service and client relationship manager for your shop all rolled into one screen. Your potential clients use the internet in a variety of ways, and your online presence must satisfy their individual needs when it comes to presenting who you are, what you do to help people and what they can expect from a customer service standpoint.

While the savvy financial professional has the majority of her client contact in a tangible way - face to face, by phone or personal message - those people who hear of your shop by word of mouth or even referral may take a moment to check you out online. Their investigation of your firm's services may not end online, but they certainly may begin there.

If your prospective clients are not impressed with what they see, will they give you the benefit of the doubt and continue to find out more about you? Working with the pros at Touch Marketing Group in nailing your web design offers many distinct advantages, not the least of which includes knowing that we've worked with literally hundreds of financial professionals in forging web solutions for their firms.

We know the business, we understand your challenges, and the web solutions that we design and build are specifically tailored to the needs of the independent registered rep, insurance agent and registered investment advisor. From an extensive gallery of plug and play websites to customizable sites to fully custom-designed solutions, the Design Pros at Touch Marketing Group get the job done right...[READ MORE]

Specialty Media

There are times when your shop may develop a very specialized need in terms of the media it uses to convey messages to your clients and prospects. When such a specialized design and consultation need arises, our clients are assured that there is no design or media implementation need that the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group cannot fill. We have amassed years of experience in designing specialized media for some of the most successful shops in the country, and our design team loves the new challenges that specialized forms of media represent. The advantages of having such depth and breadth of design resources being just a call away means that your firm can move with confidence in knowing that you are not bound by the limits of local resources or your abilities to seek out specialized help. That's part of what we do for our clients: we give them the peace of mind in knowing that we provide sound media solutions, no matter what the need.


All experienced financial professionals know the business - you have a wealth of experience and can speak in great depth concerning what you can do to help people lived more fulfilled lives through financial growth and stability. But when it comes to sitting down in front of a keyboard to carefully craft just the right words about your firm - who you are, what you do, what makes your firm different from your competition, even the best can fall short.

The words that you use to build a reputation are important; you want people to know that you are trustworthy, wise, knowledgeable, but you just can't say that about yourself. The words you choose for your collateral marketing pieces, your print ads, your website, your seminar presentations, your newsletters and prospecting letters, and even the messages that you choose for client relationship management components of your practice are all vital to building an image, a reputation, and sending an illuminating message to all you you seek to work with. The right language doesn't always come easy - there is always that balancing act between sending a unique message and effectively using the language of the industry.

The Copy Pros at Touch Marketing Group have helped hundreds of high-end producers craft the right messages for their shops in every media imaginable. From web content to newletters to prestige marketing to television and radio production to client communications, let Touch Marketing Group create the relevant, illuminating messages that will distinguish your shop from any other game in town.


So your initial marketing has attracted the right prospect. The information they received from your company's great website, or your dynamic seminar presentation, or your radio show, was precisely what they were looking for. Your firm looks competent, its message is clear, and there is every reason in the world why the prospect you've attracted should begin to desire to do business with your firm. SO…now they come to your office. Does the office environment they experience underscore your professionalism? Does the look and feel of your office match the brand that you've spent lots of money to cement in the minds of your prospective clients? Does everything look, smell, sound and feel like…success? Every impression matters, and many shops' office environments leave much to be desired in terms of providing an overall positive client experience. Do your office, waiting room and conference room say 'success'? How are your clients greeted? How do they spend their time waiting for you to take them back for their appointment? What do they hear your receptionist saying? What does it smell like? There are so many variables, all of which seem like minor details, in what we call "The Client Experience." The accumulation and aggregation of these tiny impressions form, however, the basis for how your shop is judged by those prospective clients that you've worked so hard to attract and stir to interest. Don't let a subpar office environment defeat all that your marketing efforts have achieved. Helping our clients design and execute a professional office environment for our clients is a specialty of Touch Marketing Group. From making best use of the space, to office décor, to welcome and educational techniques, to in-office marketing, to coaching on personnel behavior and etiquette, the Environment Pros at Touch Marketing Group are well-versed in helping our clients achieve the most welcoming, professional and trust-inspiring office environments in the industry. Remember, every touch matters – so let the pros at Touch Marketing Group help your shop become a real-world manifestation of trust, professionalism and likeability to your clients