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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals


Comprehensive Marketing Consultation – this is the core of what we do at Touch Marketing Group. We know that, as independent financial professionals, you must wear many hats in trying to grow your business – some of which you wear naturally and some you must wear by default. Marketing is one of those hats, and quite frankly, good marketing takes more time and expertise than most people have to devote to it. The danger here, is that marketing is one of the most important determining factors of your firm's growth, or lack thereof. And as your business grows and matures, your marketing challenges become increasingly complex. The old saying goes, "Sale keeps you in business, but marketing keeps you in sales." Many producers find that, at a given level of success, they need the very highest level of marketing support possible to meet the continuing demands of their practice. They don't need "cookie-cutter" marketing help – they need custom forged solutions, hand-tailored for their individual business models, product mixes and resources, both human and capital. Clients of Touch Marketing Group have access to the industry's leading marketing specialists – true professionals whose blended backgrounds in marketing, advertising, media and financial services give them a unique perspective on offering solutions that work. The marketing consultants at Touch Marketing Group have worked with hundreds of shops across the country, designing comprehensive marketing plans and forging solutions for some top shops, including several past national 'Advisor of the Year' award winners.

At Touch Marketing Group, we bring a truly consultative approach to the table. No two shops are alike, so any marketing organization that tries to offer solutions without first getting to know your shop inside and out is merely giving you rote advice. We take the time to find out who you are, what you are trying to achieve with your clients, who your current and ideal clients are, and what success looks like for you – both short term and long term, before we ever commit to building a solution. Simply put, there is no more thorough-going approach, industry wide. From needs analysis and canvassing local opportunities to creative design and implementation, Touch Marketing Group takes the omnipresent marketing burden off the backs of our clients and places their marketing efforts in the hands of seasoned, savvy industry veterans.

There are those clients who want or need marketing help at a moment's notice. Those are clients who work with us on a comprehensive consultative basis. We are, in effect, the marketing arm of their company – always poised to move on a need today, all the while planning and executing on those plans in the background; and always working with the shop's principles to achieve your growth goals through better marketing. Below, we've listed many of the services that are included as part of a comprehensive consulting relationship with Touch Marketing Group. If you'd like to talk more about whether our shop is the right fit for your shop, give us a call at 888.958.0055 and just say, "I wanna talk comprehensive consulting."

Needs Analysis

Before we can really build any marketing plan that shores up weaknesses and better leverages the strengths of your firm, we need to know what you've done in the past as well as what you're currently doing. We conduct a thorough yet painless marketing needs analysis of your firm's past and current marketing efforts.

Annual Marketing Planning

Solid marketing is much more than just design work – at its core, it is strategic thinking and planning about who you want to attract and retain, and how you're going to do that job. The Marketing professionals at Touch Marketing Group have the knowledge and experience your firm needs - simply put, we develop sound marketing strategies that provide the foundation for sustainable growth year after year...[READ MORE]

Budgeting & Calendaring

Without a real marketing budget or calendar in place, you really don't have a plan – you have 'activity.' In this mode, you risk spending either more than you can afford or not spending enough, and in the right areas, to grow your firm. At Touch Marketing Group, we help you determine how to best establish and maintain calendaring and budgeting that is appropriate to your size, resources, growth goals and development of your practice.

Ongoing 1-on-1 Implementation

All the strategic thinking and planning in the world won't grow your firm without solid, day to day implementation and execution of that plan. At Touch Marketing Group, we take very seriously every dollar or ounce of effort your firm puts into its growth, and we provide the detailed implementation support to ensure that your time, money and effort are well spent on the growth of your firm's revenue, retention and referrals. We pay attention to every detail, from media research and third party vendor coordination to creative design and linguistic content assistance.

Media Research

Huge mistakes are made here daily. You can't leverage the best of your local market's advertising opportunities if you aren't intimately aware of what opportunities exist. We are experts at comprehensive market media research – and we're just a phone call, text or email away...[READ MORE]

Advertising Rate/Contract Negotiations

Without a thoroughgoing knowledge of any particular media, intelligent negotiating is impossible – knowledge is power in this art. We have seen so many financial professionals overpay for media, get less media than they need to run an effective campaign, and fail to capitalize on extra value adds during negotiations merely out of ignorance. Big money saving hint: don't negotiate for yourself. Advertising 'account execs' are in sales, but we're your advocates and have more experience with media buying than they do. Enough said...[READ MORE]

Development of Visible Community Involvement

People need to know that you are from the same place as they are – that you like the same things as they do, root for the same teams and go to the same events. This is most readily achieved through Visible Community Involvement...[READ MORE]

Prospecting Systems and Advising

The industry's most successful producers don't put all of their eggs in one basket – they have multiple prospecting methodologies working together at all times, and they know that prospecting is only a part of a comprehensive marketing plan – Let us help you use multiple methodologies to help you find the clients that you really want to work with...[READ MORE]

Building Professional & Social Networks

Most 'marketing organizations' don't get these concepts from an experiential standpoint, yet they still plod along, trying to offer whatever 'help' they can muster. The help we provide is based upon compiling the witnessed, candid successes and failures of hundreds of shops. Marketing organizations never have access to this information – we've gathered it along the way to build better solutions for our clients.

Maximizing Office Environment

Every single client 'touch' is either working for or against you – how does your shop measure up when someone comes to see you? What is the sum total of their 'experience?' There is a lot of 'low-hanging' fruit in this arena, yet most advisors are too busy dealing with the trees to even see the forest. We get this area is spades and can overhaul your approach in no time...[READ MORE]

Client Relationship Management

Perhaps the most fertile ground for the growth of your firm and the most underserviced area of marketing industry wide. There are a host of meaningful measures to take here, and we take a truly consultative approach to forging solutions that work for your firm, not someone else's...[READ MORE]

High-end image branding

All other attributes being equal, the firm with the best marketing – specifically image branding and local presence, will dominate a given market. The Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group have forged high-end image branding campaigns for literally hundreds of shops coast to coast. Simply put, we just do it better...[READ MORE]


From web design, to video and multimedia production, to graphic design and linguistic content creation, Touch Marketing Group has assembled the very best talent – all of whom have considerable experience in both their marketing craft and in applying that craft to the needs of financial services professionals. Our consultation clients use this considerable pool of talent at no additional cost to them – and all help is just a phone call away...[READ MORE]

WEB Design

Your clients' perceptions about their online experience while on your site is an increasingly important aspect of your perceived credibility and likeability. WE have considerable talent to bring to the table regarding all aspects of your firm's web presence, and our consultation clients enjoy expertise in this area at no additional cost to them...[READ MORE]