Client Education Material

Education-Based Marketing is a must in our industry – if you don't keep your clients and prospects educated on all the issues that may have an impact on their personal financial situations, you will lose out to all the shops that do. And today, every shop puts out a lot of educational material, as there is an abundance of it readily available. From white papers to newsletters to topical brochures to multimedia educational presentations online, your firm must stay on the cutting edge of what educational material you can offer your clients and prospects. The Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group know how important this aspect of your game is, and we constantly keep our ear to the ground – making sure to avail ourselves of timely, topical, relevant educational tools and materials for our shops to use in building the kind of trust and reliance they need to receive from their clients. In heavy use as one facet of any solid Client Relationship Management system, an ongoing stream of educational content, delivered in multiple forms, can really put a shop head and shoulders above the competition in terms of retention. Rather than housing an inventory of useless, generic pieces, the Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group work in consultation with our clients – deciding upon the best topics and media for the delivery of educational materials, and then we find and develop the resources that are best suited to a specific shop's overall marketing plan. Rather than have your plan be shackled by available 'off the shelf' resources, our clients benefit from a more custom and customizable approach to the development of educational materials for their clients. Call us today and see how we can help your firm attract more desirable prospects and retain your best clients with the very best in Education-Based Marketing.