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Innovative Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals


First impressions can be lasting, and lasting impressions can put you first. Take a look at your firm's marketing material - any of it: stationery, business cards, print ads, video, audio, business and support documents. Are you really coming off the way you want to? Does the look and feel of your marketing pieces reflect the highest in quality? Have you developed a dominant brand in your community? Let's just say for the sake of argument that you are the best, most knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced financial services professional in your area. How many people know it? And of those people who know something about you, are you sure that they know what you want them to know? The truth is that, all other things being equal, the financial professional with the best image branding and consistent visibility will dominate a given market. You need a look and feel to your shop that exudes professionalism, especially in this industry. How can someone trust you with their finances if you don't look like a successful firm? Would a successful firm really use clip art, word docs and office printer design work to communicate to the world about how skilled you are at helping people reach their financial goals?

The pros at Touch Marketing Group have a unique combined experience base in all aspects of image branding. From design to media research, negotiation and buying savvy, to television, radio, and web-based advertising, there is literally no aspect of forging a dominant brand in your community that we haven't handled for hundreds of clients. Mounting a successful image branding campaign involves attention to detail and industry knowledge to get the best bang for the buck, but the fruit it yields for your firm's growth endures long after the campaign is executed. Talk to the pros at Touch Marketing Group about what we can do to help forge a dominant brand for your firm, setting it head and shoulders above your competition.

Print Design

Some of your shop's print pieces will be amongst the most influential 'touches' you ever have with a prospective client. That is because oftentimes, your print pieces are amongst the earliest impressions your prospective clients get of you and your firm.

While a business card generally is not a deal maker or breaker, think about how someone's card makes you feel when it's handed to you. The look of it, the feel of it, the weight of the paper, the emblem or logo, the color scheme - all leave an impression in the minds of your prospective clients. Similarly, all of your print pieces make impressions, one way or the other, about your business - from stationery to tri-fold brochures to prestige pieces to print ads - you should ensure that you leave the most lasting, high-end impression possible.

The right design will leave an indelible mark in the minds of your future clients, beginning the work of putting your firm head and shoulders above all local competition, while design that leaves something to be desired will also form lasting impressions - just not the ones you desire. The smart money, here, is on taking the time and money to do things right. Remember, every 'touch' matters, and the design pros at Touch Marketing Group will make your print touches count.

Web Design

Web design is an important aspect of your firm's online visibility. It is the 'virtual' office design, customer service and client relationship manager for your shop all rolled into one screen. Your potential clients use the internet in a variety of ways, and your online presence must satisfy their individual needs when it comes to presenting who you are, what you do to help people and what they can expect from a customer service standpoint.

While the savvy financial professional has the majority of her client contact in a tangible way – face to face, by phone or personal message – those people who hear of your shop by word of mouth or even referral may take a moment to check you out online. Their investigation of your firm's services may not end online, but they certainly may begin there.

If your prospective clients are not impressed with what they see, will they give you the benefit of the doubt and continue to find out more about you? Working with the pros at Touch Marketing Group in nailing your web design offers many distinct advantages, not the least of which includes knowing that we've worked with literally hundreds of financial professionals in forging web solutions for their firms.

We know the business, we understand your challenges, and the web solutions that we design and build are specifically tailored to the needs of the independent registered rep, insurance agent and registered investment advisor. From an extensive gallery of plug and play websites to customizable sites to fully custom-designed solutions, the design pros at Touch Marketing Group get the job done right...[READ MORE]

Tv & Radio

Television and radio, used both in advertising and as full-blown programming, are still amongst the most effective media across a broad industrial spectrum. Perhaps the most challenging aspects of becoming involved with these media surround knowledge of the media themselves. How does the financial professional 'do' radio? How do you 'get on' television? What are the costs? How do you most effectively leverage these powerful media to grow your shop? Many financial professionals stay away from these media specifically because of their ignorance of them, and this can be a huge mistake.

Harnessing the power and reach of television and radio can be a key component to the solid, steady growth of a well-developed shop. The media pros at Touch Marketing Group have worked with scores of financial professionals, leveraging these media as part of comprehensive marketing plans that have resulted in their sustained growth. From media research to ad rate negotiation to production, content development and placement, the Media Pros at Touch Marketing Group have years of experience in the television and radio media and have worked in your industry...[READ MORE]


The use of multimedia, especially in DVD form, can be a very useful tool in setting yourself apart from your competition. Video, when professionally produced, can enhance many of your ongoing efforts as well as create new opportunities to differentiate your firm in the minds of prospective clients.

There is no doubt that high-end video bearing educational material about your firm can set you apart - and DVD's are user friendly and enable people to learn passively about why your shop is their best option. There are a multitude of effective uses for DVDs:

- Use rotating messages on a flat screen monitor in your firm's lobby
- Run looping video about your firm at an expo or conference
- Kick off your seminars and workshops with powerful messages about your firm
- Just prior to appointments, provide educational overviews on material you
  will detail
- Enhance your existing website with informative video
- Send low-cost, high-end first impression to high net worth prospects in the form
  of a custom DVD that provides overview of your firm's capabilities

Educational marketing is a hallmark of successful firms. If you are constantly educating and enlightening your prospects and clients, you are - in effect - reminding them that your firm is an endless resource of wisdom and experience in helping them navigate the waters of their financial lives. Video can help get that job done in a passive, clear and concise manner. [READ MORE]

Client Educational Material

Education-Based Marketing is a must in our industry – if you don't keep your clients and prospects educated on all the issues that may have an impact on their personal financial situations, you will lose out to all the shops that do. And today, every shop puts out a lot of educational material, as there is an abundance of it readily available. From white papers to newsletters to topical brochures to multimedia educational presentations online, your firm must stay on the cutting edge of what educational material you can offer your clients and prospects. The Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group know how important this aspect of your game is, and we constantly keep our ear to the ground – making sure to avail ourselves of timely, topical, relevant educational tools and materials for our shops to use in building the kind of trust and reliance they need to receive from their clients. In heavy use as one facet of any solid Client Relationship Management system, an ongoing stream of educational content, delivered in multiple forms, can really put a shop head and shoulders above the competition in terms of retention. Rather than housing an inventory of useless, generic pieces, the Marketing Pros at Touch Marketing Group work in consultation with our clients – deciding upon the best topics and media for the delivery of educational materials, and then we find and develop the resources that are best suited to a specific shop's overall marketing plan. Rather than have your plan be shackled by available 'off the shelf' resources, our clients benefit from a more custom and customizable approach to the development of educational materials for their clients. Call us today and see how we can help your firm attract more desirable prospects and retain your best clients with the very best in Education-Based Marketing.